Modus (2016) TVRip Full Movie Terbaru

 Modus (2016) TVRip Full Movie Terbaru

Download Film Modus (2016) TVRip Full Movie Terbaru

Film Title: Modus 2016 
Classification: Comedy 
Maker: Gope T Samtani 
Chief: Dawn Bustomi, Adhe Dharmastriya 
Creator: Jovial Da Lopez, Reza Aditya 
Generation: Rapi Films 
Dynamic On: May 4, 2016 


Outline of the film proceeds with Andovi mode attempting to get Kirana however dependably prompt disappointment. Since it generally falls flat, he at long last requested counsel to his sibling, (Jovial Da Lopez), who was an understudy of film. He was compelled to request help, in light of the fact that Jovial amid this time had a considerable measure of lady friends and Andovi beyond any doubt he will have the capacity to offer assistance. Good humored Andovi asked what the mystery and how he could have numerous lady friends. Good humored answered that the young ladies there are such a large number of sorts. Andovi need to discover, it was a young lady like any Kirana. Good humored and in view of experience, to get a young lady cohort Kirana, to do examine that is extremely develop. 

The story then proceeds with Andovi who get and make any proposals insane and unusual given by his sister, Jovial. However Andovi not the only one, all that he did with his two closest companions, the Liem (Tomy Limm) and (Reza Arap Oktovian) well known men most shrewd MODUS to the young lady. Extending from taking an interest in and watching the exercises of ex Kirana named (Rayi Son) and dedicated companion (Marlo Ernesto) to claim to be a lady to ask all the Kirana, all as of now Andovi and her companions do yet sadly the business which they do rather prompted disappointment because of the nearness of the figure of Dipa (Kemal Palevi).


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