3 Srikandi (2016) DVDRip Full Movie Terbaru

 Download Film 3 Srikandi (2016) DVDRip Full Movie Terbaru

Download Film 3 Srikandi (2016) DVDRip Full Movie Terbaru

Title: 3 Heroine (2016) 
Chief: Faith Brotoseno 
Screenwriter: Swastika Nohara, Iman Brotoseno 
Maker: Raam Punjabi 
Players: Bunga Citra Lestari, Chelsea Islan, Tara Basro, Reza Rahadian 
Classification: Biography, Drama 
Air Date: August 4, 2016 (Indonesia) 
Indonesian nation 
Generation House: Multivision Plus Pictures 
Dialect Film: Indonesian 


3 SRIKANDI Represents A biopic On Three Athletes Arrow Origin Indonesia Achieved Successful First Medal in the Olympic occasion. 3 SRIKANDI Film Directed By Faith Brotoseno, Yang Also Participate Script Writing Stories Together Swastika Nohara. 

Film Plot 3 SRIKANDI Will Set The World On Year 1988. Indonesia Moderate Sports Preparing To Participate In Summer Games Into 24 in Seoul. Toxophilism Branch Located In Critical Point, Where Needed Coach Can Preparing Archery Women's Team In Time Is Short. The main thing Dependable Being a mentor is Donald Pandiangan (Reza Rahardian) The Known As "Robin Hood Indonesia". 

However, Donald Old Alone Already Gone. Despite everything he Beaten While In 1980 When He Preparing Following the Moscow Olympics, she Cancel Go For Political Reasons. He now Living Away From Archery, even games. Notwithstanding Coach, Team Archery Pun Must Selected 3 People Best Female Athlete. They Are Nurfitriyana (Bunga Citra Lestari), Lilies (Chelsea Islan) And Kusuma (Tara Basro). 

In the interim That, Time Olympic Towards The Close, Yet The 3 Heroine It Even Have A Problem Complexity of Each. Under Threat Not to be dispatched COMPLETELY, Archery Association Board, Mr. Udi (Donny Damara), Must Persuade and Convince Donald To Prepare Archery Women's Team. 

Individual Donald Yang Liquor, Militants And Amat Discipline, Must have the capacity to set up Yana, Lilies And Achieve Peak Performance They Suma. Empowering Exercise Period Currently Being Yourself For Them All. Scratch And Enmity One Another, The brutality of Medan Practicing And Time Makin Thinning, Forged Them. Lunch hours Racking Physical, Emotional And Mental, Geared Towards Women's Team Archery Seoul. With Affirm the soul, Pun They Fought In The Field.



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